Sildenafil Citrate Online – Alternative for the purchase of sildenafil citrate

Sildenafil citrate is a medication for erectile dysfunction. It works by relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis. Like all medications, Sildenafil citrate is available in the original patented version and in the generic version. Now, how to decide on one of the two versions? In principle, we must clarify some particularities about the components of drugs and bioequivalence:

  • Active principle: it is the pharmacological essence that determines the action of a medicine: antihypertensive drugs, diuretics, anxiolytics or inhibitors of PDE5 such as Sildenafil citrate.
  • Excipients: are substances whose function is the preservation, preparation and administration channel of the active principle.
  • Bioequivalence: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), bioequivalence is a quality of a medicine compared to another reference. Both have the same active ingredient and their absorption is similar.

The difference between generic and patented drugs is found in the excipients. The active principle is always the same. In the case of sildenafil citrate, the active substance is sildenafil (compound UK-92,480). When you buy sildenafil citrate, either generic or part-time, always buy Generic sildenafil citrate online. Generic sildenafil citrate and patented sildenafil citrate are bioequivalent. In any case, you, as a user, perceive in the price difference, the most significant difference between generic sildenafil citrate and patented sildenafil citrate. And since we have been taught that quality is closely related to the value of products, the tendency is that we buy the most expensive one. In the case of Sildenafil citrate, we make the mistake of choosing by price and not by quality.

t is essential that you know that the patent for a medicine grants creators the exclusivity of the product for the manufacture and sale of the drug for 20 years. This period includes an acknowledgment of the investment made by the creators during the research phase. At the end of that period, other manufacturers can produce the medication, under the generic name. Until 2011, only Pfizer was authorized for the manufacture of sildenafil citrate. Since then, several manufacturers have brought sildenafil with different names to the market. The best known are Kamagra oral jelly, strands of sildenafil citrate, Stada, Actavis, Teva, Milan, Cialis, Levitra, among others.

Now, bioequivalence is the same. In fact, the Pan American Network for the Harmonization of Pharmaceutical Regulation, following the parameters established by the WHO, has approved a methodology for the execution of equivalence evaluation tests. These tests are applied under strict protocols by national bodies responsible for sanitary permits. The same protocol applies throughout the world. Consequently, the Generic sildenafil citrate approved for marketing by the responsible institutions has proven to be bioequivalent with the patented sildenafil citrate. You can use sildenafil citrate with the certainty that it will be effective and safe.

Is it safe to buy generic sildenafil citrate online?

Online commerce has grown exponentially and online pharmacies have proliferated. However, the WHO World Health Organization has issued a warning about the risks of acquiring drugs online. According to the WHO, the acquisition of drugs online is highly risky. As a result of the high rate of fake drugs. According to the WHO, the rates of profit of counterfeit and sold drugs reach up to 6,000%. Exceeding 25 times the profits obtained from the sale of drugs.

The most emblematic case is sildenafil citrate, which is marketed by falsifying its packaging. The aggravating factor is that even when the active principle is the same as that of the original sildenafil citrate, they do not possess the bioequivalence recommended by the WHO. Most cases do not exceed 50% of the recommended active ingredient. In addition, the WHO warns about the dangers of excipients of counterfeit medicines. These may contain toxic substances, used by counterfeiters to mimic the appearance of sildenafil citrate.

Buying sildenafil citrate online – Yes or No?

The dilemma about buying generic sildenafil citrate online is solved by verifying your provider. Here are some tips:

  • See the WHO Guide: Medical Products and the Internet
  • Go to certified online pharmacies: you can investigate not only if they have the approval of the health department of the country where they are located. You can also check the opinions of the users. In addition, certified pharmacies will only sell you sildenafil citrate with a prescription.
  • Buy sildenafil citrate Online with just one prescription: sildenafil citrate is a powerful vaso dilator. Combined with other drugs such as nitrates, nitroglycerin, it can cause sudden drops in blood pressure and even death. Your life is at risk Be cautious.
  • Do not buy sildenafil citrate Online from suppliers in non-pharmaceutical commercial portals: deceptive offers are usually found in portals where all kinds of products are sold. Saving money risking life is imprudent.
  • Check if the purchase of generic sildenafil citrate online is legal in the country where the website is offered: this is a strategy that allows you to immediately identify if the sildenafil citrate offered when searching on a website is illegal.
  • Take your time: buying medications online is a necessary decision when they are not available at local pharmacies. However, a little research will ensure that your health does not take unnecessary risks.

What are the best places to buy sildenafil citrate: online or physical store?

Our research indicates that the best places to acquire generic sildenafil citrate are physical pharmacies. There are many controversies regarding health permits and certifications given to online stores. It is a fact that derived from the immeasurable power of emerging companies in the pharmaceutical industry located in Asia; these corporations dominate the pharmaceutical trade online. That is why the unlimited financial resources of these companies, make their online stores are positioned among the first of the search engines. These corporations apply sophisticated marketing and SEO tools. That’s why when you start the search for best place to buy generic sildenafil citrate online, you find yourself positioned in the first places in the same virtual pharmacies again and again.

Consequently, when it comes to the purchase of generic sildenafil citrate, the most recommended is to go to physical pharmacies. We do not radically rule out the use of online pharmacies. But remember, large chains of physical pharmacies and even some small local pharmacies also offer online services.

Since its creation more than 30 years ago, sildenafil citrate has proven to be an efficient and safe medicine. On the other hand, generic sildenafil citrate with only 8 years in the market has also demonstrated its bio-equivalence with patented sildenafil citrate. According to the above, buy generic sildenafil citrate in potentially risky online stores. We urge you to follow the advice of WHO.

The key is your health. Do not take unnecessary risks.